Friday, August 20, 2010

WhyStart This All Again?

For those outside the know, there is a larger than normal room with classic decor you may wander freely into in the Student Center of Annalow University. It is called the French Room and entering it feels like walking into the music room or some abandoned but well kept manor in the country side of the wine nation with its cream colored walls and golden framed paintings surrounding a grand piano. In my many years here in Springhill I have never understood this room's existence, but it makes an excellent quiet atmosphere for chess playing with my college friend and make-shift councilor, Jenny.

This was on last Wednesday and there was a small rustling outside as students frantically gather their schedules, bursar information, and random array of books, half of which may serve them in the following semester. I was ignoring the native savages outside the open doorway and paying more attention to my rook if I remember. Jenny was the first to break my concentration with talk about this blog and I have no recording to transcribe. You'll have to take my word for it.

Her worries were about my lack of energy and/or consistency of life. Jenny believes that a consistent update on the show would be good practice for other things I should do such as diet or exercise. I gently informed her to keep her nose out of my shit or I will bite it off, but she persisted despite my kind metaphor. That I enjoy my mornings in the afternoon and my healthy menu of wine and movies disturbed her. I'm no trashcan, as she imagines, but a connoissuer of cheap boose and paperbacks. I see no problem here.

Her argument was, besides the show and the few spots of writing I faultily submit to magazines, I have created nothing in my life. “Gee Mom, how about you shut the fuck up?” I said with affection, but my clever retort seemed only to egg her on. After three moves and two checks on the board, I finally gave in to trying the blog once more if for no other reason than to quiet the crawling chaos screeching from her mouth and allow proper concentration.

So you have Jenny to blame for my cranky, yet desperately witty transcripts. With classes starting on Monday, only hope of recognition of my incredible creative power drives me forward in my quest to distract you a little. I've already adhered my share of fliers onto aged bulletin boards across campus grounds informing students of the show. Mayhap this blog will serve as my online poster advertising In the Red with Kagy on 98.2 in the Springhill area.

Perhaps not. My reputation as a gutter intellectual is held in the balance.

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