Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Night Off

There was no show last night. On Memorial Day, Tom Wits, are fearless director, sent everyone away in exchange for automated music playback. Thank you, WinAmp. No show means nothing to transcribe, so me and my coven got together and played a round of Call of Cthulhu. Fun. Also, my cat, Gargamel, came back, as did, I've heard, all cats in Springhill. Odd.

Today, I've learned there is a Vampire Movie Marathon on Chiller, so I am going to watch that and hide from the sun. Perhaps later today, I'll reread Herbert West, Re-animator, which was what our game last night was about. Good times.

Have a fine day off, and the show will continue as normal tomorrow.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Have You Seen a Cat?

Kagy: Oh my stars, sky, and heavenly bodies! I'm on the radio? How could this be, unless...yes. You MUST be listening to In the Red with me, Kagy. It's a fine Friday morning and you can taste the darkness outside with all those stars and the moon hanging like a sweet scoop of vanilla. It's a mad night for mad people. Tonight's inquiry: What drives you crazy? Before we get started, how about some music?

[Start up Late at Night, by Futureshock]

Kagy: Aren't we all looking for action tonight? Well, Springhill, tell me. What drives you crazy? Caller One, time for fun.

Caller 1: You're going to hell, Kagy!

Kagy: To rule or to serve?

Caller 1: I know this, cuz I've seen ya! Everyone who listened to your vile program! Everyone involved! They're all going to hell!

Kagy: Is this Crazy Bob?

Caller 1: I'm not crazy! I'm the only one who truly sees the face of God! An' he's scowl'n donw upon the city. He don't like what he sees.

Kagy: Okay, first off, how did you get this number, but more importantly, aren't you involving yourself with the program, thus going to hell yourself?

Caller 1: You got'ta KNEEL down, woman! Kneel down and beg the Lord's forgiveness!

Kagy: And that's about as much of that as I can stand. [click] So, where were we? Caller Two, What drives you crazy?

Caller 2: This Cat situation.

Kagy: Oh, not this again. You're talking about the cats all disappearing around Springhill, right?

Caller 2: Yes. Exactly. Everyone has these theories as to why it's happening, but no one knows. Well, I just happen to be part of a class in animal behavior at Annalow University, and we've been researching the situation.

Kagy: Alright, you have my attention.

Caller 2: Our class started by checking with the vet and with local animal shelters, then we had to track down and talk to about 200 cat owners around town. The main pattern is that if a cat leaves the house hold, it vanishes. There have been no new strays for the last week and well known local strays no longer appear. Once a cat leaves human eyes or home, they just disappear. Our best guess is there is some kind of sound or vibration outside of human hearing that's driving the cats away. Our second best guess is an influx of some animal hunting the cats, but that's less likely.

Kagy: Alright, with what I know about sound, there are ways to raise or lower pitch of ambient sound to make the unhearable hearable, but why is the predator theory less likely?

Caller 2: Easy. The certainty of a cat's disappearance means that the predators would be in enough numbers as to not only be noticeable, but alarming as well, but we haven't seen any new animals in Springhill.

Kagy: Hmmm... [whisper] Mysterious. [Slash Whisper] Okay, Two, thanks for your input. [click] We'll change the question tonight to 'Who's seen a cat out there?' The Moon is full. The sky is bright. There must be SOMEONE who's seen a cat outdoors. Caller Three? Any sitings?

Caller 3: Hay, can I get that one guys number from last night?

Kagy: Oh yes, 'him.' I remember 'him,' fondly, but...uh...just for our listeners, why don't you be more specific?

Caller 3: The crazy midget guy.

Kagy: It's Dwarf or Little Person, and no, I'm not a phone book.

Caller 3: Well, could you tell him to call me?

Kagy: I'm afraid to ask why, but I'll tell you what: If you're willing to broadcast your phone number across the town's airwaves, go for it.

Caller 3: Um...Never mind. [click]

Kagy: Another dissatisfied customer. We'll be right back.

[Roll commercials]

Thursday, May 27, 2010

What's Your Super Power?

[Segment starts with Slow, by Professional Murder Music]

Kagy: The night is winding down and here comes the morning. I would like to say Three-o-Clock is a good time to call it quits, Springhill, but before that, let's continue our discussion, shall we? Caller Thirty-One, What is your super power?

Caller 31: Hey, I wanna talk about those idiots who always call in with their “Do A Barrel Roll” bit.

Kagy: Oh yes. The frat boys.

Caller 31: Have you any idea how old that joke is? I mean, are they from the past?

Kagy: I've heard that line before, but there's not much we can do. In the Red absolutely refuses to screen calls.

Caller 31: You know what you should do, next time they call? You should...

Kagy: Yes?

Caller 31: DO A BARRLE ROLL! [click]

Kagy: [sigh] It's never been funny, but at least they're putting more effort into it. I shall have to sick the Raw-Hide Roll Players on them. Caller Thirty-Two, what is YOUR super power?

Caller 32: On Water Street there sits an ancient house covered in ivy and mold where lives this...terrible old man.

Kagy: The one who speaks to jars containing lead balls dangling on string? I've heard when he speaks to them, there comes a queer vibration, as if they speak back.

Caller 32: Awe crap, you've heard this one.

Kagy: Tho In the Red supports your ghost stories, please don't plagiarize Lovecraft. [click] For those just tuning it, this is something new that I've never seen. Since the ghost story a couple of weeks back, I've been getting calls telling their own ghost story. Caller Thirty-Three, what is YOUR super power?

Caller 33: Okay, I've thought long and hard about this and I finally got a power wholly original. I've decided that I would be able to drain and copy the powers of others. All these idiots have been wanting silly things like super strength and flight, but I could drain them all. The great thing is, there's never been a super power like this.

Kagy: Except Rogue.

Caller 33: Who?

Kagy: Rogue, from the X-Men? And MegaMan, if you count him.

Caller 33: Uh...

Kagy: Also Syler, from Heroes. Oh, and Peter.

Caller 33: Who...What are you talking about?

Kagy: Does Taskmaster count? Hmmm...Oh well, better luck next time. [click] Caller Thirty-Four, what power would you adorn?

Caller 34: Hey, about that guy who called earlier about the cats.

Kagy: The slow disappearance of cats in Springhill. What about them?

Caller 34: Has anyone figured out that it's due to that new flute player guy who showed up at Hastings a couple of nights ago?

Kagy: You're saying we have a Pied Piper of Springhill?

Caller 34: Something like that. I've just noticed that this all started when he showed up.

Kagy: [gasp] You're right. And you know what, the night the cats began to disappear was the same night I shaved my legs! My God, what am I doing? [whisper] For every smooth leg in Springhill, we lose a cat!

Caller 34: Laugh all you want, but I'm telling you, we need to track that man down and ask him what he's doing with our animals! [click]

Kagy: I love paranoia, but that's all I can take for tonight, ladies and gentlemen. This week, as Mina's Movie Club, we're watching Jack Carpenter's Vampires. Meet me there at the Cerulean Theatre on campus this Saturday at Ten. In the Red is a production of K.N.O.T. College Radio and is producer, wildly, by David Orger with me, Kathryn Guilty, as host. We'd like to thank our station director, Tom Wits, for getting me out of jail, and everyone who called in tonight. Even you. Thanks also to anyone listening to In the Red or any small time radio. Good night and have some very sweet nightmares.

[End with Property of Goat Fucker, by Lenon]

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

How Do You Want To Die?

[Segments starts with Long Way Down, by the Goo Goo Dolls. The music was stricken from Youtube, so no video this time.]

Kagy: I see the clouds invade like drifting tanks on a black board. There's a district smell of rain in my nose, and that drowsy floating feeling I think we're all aware of, as if the dreams float in the stratosphere of our brain. You feel it, too. Caller Eighteen, How do you want to die?

Caller 18: I want to go out like Roman Bellic. Having a threesome on my hundredth Birthday.

Kagy: Sorry, I don't know who that is. [click] Caller Nineteen, How do you want to die?

Caller 19: Malnutrition. Listen, Kagy. If you don't mind, I'd like to talk about our terrible food in Springhill High School.

Kagy: Oh dear. To much junk food?

Caller 19: No, worse. Too little. Our children require more than just the tasteless plants in the caffeteria.

Kagy: I think I remember something in the paper a few weeks back about this. But School is nearly over, Nineteen; and besides that, I'm pretty sure there have been studies showing that healthier diet generally helps Teens academically. Why worry now about the food?

Caller 19: I'm just concerned my kid isn't going to get his choice to eat the chips and Twinkies for lunch that he so enjoys.

Kagy: As a side dish to a healthier lunch, right?

Caller 19: Oh please. Like kids need more than chip. You obviously haven't been a teenager, Miss...uh...Kagy.

Kagy: Why would you want your child to eat junk food instead of...wait a second. Do you work for any particular junk food industry?

Caller 19: No, of course not.

Kagy: Where DO you work, Nineteen?

Caller 19: I have a...very nice juob in the...uh... [click]

Kagy: Wow. Twenty, tell me in this night of plenty; How do you want to die?

Caller 20: I will never die.

Kagy: Hey, everybody! It's Vlad, Springhill's only vampire? How are you tonight, Vlad-inator?

Vlad: Why do you insist on calling me that?

Kagy: I'm like Dr. Doofenshmirtz. Everyone needs a good 'Inator.'

Vlad: I don't know who that is, but I am pleased to hear your voice I the night again, my dear.

Kagy: You flatter, Mr. Inator. Last night, they gave me a cake with a set of handcuffs embedded in it. I've added them to my collection.

Vlad: Welcome back, Kathryn. [click]

Kagy: Awe, that's sweet. That's why I keep him around, but vampire or not, we all die, Vlad. Caller Twenty-One, How will you die?

Caller 21: Asleep like my Grandpa, not screaming in terror like his passengers. [click]

Kagy: Nice. Caller Twenty-Two, How will you die?

Caller 22: Hey, can you make the lights go out again?

Kagy: I'm afraid to ask, but why would you want that?

Caller 22: Are you kidding? I got more tail that night than any other night of my life.

Kagy: Sorry, Cassanova, I don't do repeat performances.

Caller 22: Huh? I don't know who that is. [click]

Kagy: Twenty-Three, any last words before you die?

Caller 23: Why do you do it, Kagy?

Kagy: Why do I do what?

Caller 23: You're clearly talented, yet you put up with these psychos and hillbillies every night. What's the pay out? Why do you subject yourself to these idiots?

Kagy: Ah, that would be telling, now wouldn't it? A better question is 'Why do they keep calling?' I'm clearly an abusive host, yet night after night, I get enough calls to fill a two hour period. Call it my calling to take these calls. If I weren't doing this, I'd have to been a receptionist, but this is far more fun. I'm like an evil Mancow Muller.

Caller 23: Sorry, I don't know who that is, but...Okay, I guess. [click]

Kagy: Mmm, Insightful. Well, my lord and master is signaling me to go to commercial, so away we flitter, but keep it here. We've more psychos and rednecks to chatter with. You are In the Red.

[cut to commercials]

Monday, May 24, 2010

What's on your mind?

Kagy: [cackles maniacally] You can't hold me with your puny bars of metal, little law-system! I'm too awesome! I'm invincible! I am KAGY! And you're listening to me now In the Red. Do not twist those strange knobs on your radio. What have you been up to, Springhill? How was the lightless night last week? Did you sleep well? Are you sleeping now? You know what? I'm so pleased with your support and that small group of mimes who protested for me, you call in and talk about whatever's on your mind. Go on. Oh, I'll bite you, but in a good way. First, however, listen to this!

[Plays Vampire Club, by Voltaire]

Kagy: Caller One who shrank from the sun. What's on your mind?

Caller 1: Uh..What's tonight's question?

Kagy: No Question tonight, One. Talk about whatever's on your mind.

Caller 1: Oh...I thought there was a question tonight.

Kagy: No. What's on your mind, One?

Caller 1: Well...Uh...Have you ever loved a woman, and, you know, wanted to get intimate, but were afraid to ask her.

Kagy: Not since that gay-camp cured me of my lesbian tendencies. Who's the lucky woman?

Caller 1: My...uh...My mom. [click]

Kagy: Oh yes, it's good to be back, Springhill. Caller Two, how do you do? What's on your mindless mind?

Caller 2: Hey, Kagy, what's the question tonight? I missed it.

Kagy: No question, just you and me. [whisper] What's up?

Caller 2: Huh. I thought you always had a question on this show.

Kagy: Too happy to questions anything, Two. Anything on your mind?

Caller 2: Well...It's pretty nice weather outside?

Kagy: Not good enough, Two. [click] Three. What's on your mind?

Caller 3: What's tonight's question, Kagy? [click]

Kagy: Oops, my finger slipped. Four, please don't ask me what tonight's question is.

Caller 4: Hey, Kagy, glad you're back. I...We missed you over here in the university library.

Kagy: Oh? Learned scholars listen to my show? I'm honored.

Caller 4: Well, we're all pretty big fans and we're glad your back.

Kagy: Thank you.

Caller 4: We just wanted to know if you could do something for us real quick?

Kagy: Well, I don't normally do requests, Four, but you got me on the spot. What would you like?

Caller 4: DO A BARRLE ROLL! [click]

[long pause]

Kagy: Son of a...Grr. Caller five, what do you want?

Caller 5: I donno, world peace?

Kagy: Sorry. Sorry. That last caller got to me. What's on your mind, Five?

Caller 5: What's jail like?

Kagy: It's a magical place where branches gilded of gold hung from silver wire under an ivory ceiling. The bars are made of silver and glazed with honey. Soft down were placed fresh on my bed each night for me to sleep and the guards rubbed my belly full with soft meats and sweet fruits until I slowly fell asleep under the warm glow of candle light. I will forever miss the sweet and complex red wines and selection of expensive cheese and caviar. Some nights I remember it fondly with tears in my eyes and the warm feeling of God in my heart.

Caller 5: Re...Really?

Kagy: No, it sucked. [click] Okay, one more. Caller Six, GO!

Caller 6: What's tonight's question, Kagy?

Kagy: It's 'Why Don't You People Ever Listen to Tonight's Question?'

Caller 6: Hey, hey, HEY! No need to get nippy on me. I just turned in during the vampire song, that's all.

Kagy: Oh. Yeah. Sorry. I'm a little wired. I wasn't able to get my usual glass of wine in. Instead I'm trying coffee and it's aweful. What's on your mind, Six?

Caller 6: Just calling to see how you are?

Kagy: I'm out of jail. No one took care of my cat, so he crapped over everything. My message machine was filled with 'I Told You So's from my ex, and I have NO idea what movie is playing this week at the movie club. I'm at least happy to be out of prison, but otherwise, Ugh. Yourself?

Caller 6: You need to relax a little, that's all. Here, let me tell you what you can do. When you get home, draw yourself a nice hot bath. Add a little milk to it and a little scented oil. Get in slowly and let every muscle just unwind. Then after about ten minutes, twist around in a counter clock-wise motion around and around. This'll help you dodge incoming fire from enemy ships.

Kagy: What? You lost me.

Caller 6: Enemy ship. You know, the one's firring on you space craft. This maneuver is known as a Barrel Roll. [click]

Kagy: I hate you. I hate you all. Suffer these commercials. Suffer LARGE, Humans!

[run commercials]

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I'm Back, Baby.

A glass of St John's Red Velvet with a side of chocolate cake,

Watching men fight over me at a bar,

Rain in the morning,

My corset fitting perfectly, not too tight, not too loose,

Four white rings, four green rings,

Crows cawing when I walk outside,

Laughing at the end of an RP session,

Watching vampire movies while eating popcorn with too much butter,

My cat, Gargamel,

Putting on an old coat and finding any amount of money in the pocket,

Listening to my boys bicker,

A set of warm headphones with Fields of Nephilim in them,

Waking up at 3 in the afternoon,

Making snarky comments to callers of my show,

Getting out of jail, because Bill Marx had the foresight to make me record phone conversations with the police,

These are a few of my favorite things.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Steel Bar Blues

I'm in Jail. Yes, the Springhill Police Department didn't think it was as funny or interesting as I did. In the meantime, K.N.O.T. has replayed Friday's episode with us in the woods and plans on replaying some of my old shows from last year. On my side in the legal department is Tom Wits, who has quite a bit of pull and managed to get the university's lawyers on the case as well as my own lawyer, William Marx.

Across from the cell is Mr. Abraham Doddle, grinning like an idiot. The madman who accoplished this evil sceme passes his time with push-ups and ranting on how the autonomous 'They' got what they deserved. I punish him by reminding him he will never have any of the queen's mighty cooch again. Lovely.

I may be off the air for a short while until this all gets sorted out. One thing is for sure, my fan base has grown after last week. There are a gaggle of goths protesting my incarceration which is both endearing and hilarious at the same time. They don't do well in sunlight, and no one is watching at night. While waiting, I'm not sure what to do with my time. I may write a book or reread my Vampire: The Requiem rules again. Not sure what to do in a small town jail cell. Abraham, alas, has learned to play the harmonica. It's a painful sound. Also, I may become a racists if that black woman in the neighboring cell doesn't shut up. Time passes. Turns go by. I'm bored.

Last note for a while: If you're ever hungry and have no money, I highly recommend you get arrested in Springhill on Saturdays. Steve Sylvester, who runs Steve's Deadly Chili Bowl shows up every weekend with the Chili Surprise, which consists of Spaghetti with his famous chili on top. It's damn good, and makes sin very worth your while.

Wish me luck.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Episode Without Light: Conclusion

[sounds of rains and lots of squirming]

Kagy: I'm currently in a minivan filled with men. Be still my bleeding heart.

Darren: You mean 'beating' heart.

David: Okay, it's working.

Kagy: Welcome back,Sprinhill, if you can hear this.

Darren: I thought I called Shotgun?

Kagy: Queen's prerogative, Malkavian Darren. Dr. Nick, any comment?

Tom: Ew.

Nick: I swear it's not my fault.

Vlad: I heard a boom somewhere?

David: I think those were fire-crackers.

Kagy: Heh. [whisper] Kaboom. [slash whisper] They're enjoying the lightless sky, too.

Vlad: Tell us, Kathryn; How did you know?

Nick: Reveal your secrets!

Kagy: It's...a long story.

Nick: The city's got some time.

Darren: Assuming it hasn't burned to the ground, yet.

Nick: Heh, and everyone has eaten themselves ALIVE!

Vlad: Not one another, but auto-cannibalism.

Kagy: [bursts out laughing]

Tom: So? What happened?

Kagy: Ha Ha Ha. Okay Okay. You remember those semi-lewd phone calls I've been getting about a week back? There was a man named Abraham Doddle who ran the Springhill Power plant on campus. Every other night he would call in and talk about having sex with me. I wanted to put a stop to him, to I went and did something about it.

Tom: Like what?

Kagy: I had sex with him.

[Sounds of everyone's exclamation, some of them four-letter-words you can't say on radio]

Nick: Oh man! So he DID bend you over the power console?!!

David: What? Did you guys fuck up the system?

Kagy: Some of it.

Tom: [laughing his idiot head off] I should be jealous, but I'm too amazed.

Kagy: There was more to it. It was after the show the last time he called. I got to the power station and the nice man up front let me through.

Vlad: Why would he do that?

Kagy: I'm Kagy, remember? So I met Abraham and we...uh...

Darren: Humped like rabbits?

Kick: Got Bis-ay!

Tom: Made a beast with two backs.

Kagy: Well, after all that, he went on about how bored and unhappy he was with his job. He told me his plan. He was going to shut off the power during the next New Moon. He wanted to 'Shut all the Lights Off.'

Nick: I'm pretty sure that's illegal.

Darren: And how.

Vlad: And now you are an accessory, Kathryn.

Kagy: Hardly. You don't think I told the police? I called them after the next show. It occurred to me that there would be a lot of damage so I What's that word? Guilty.

Tom: Me?

Vlad: Shut up.

Kagy: I called the police. I told them exactly what was going to happen and when. They claimed I was trying to create sensation about the radio show. I called them again, this time recording my conversation. My lawyer said to 'get proof.'

Nick: No one listened to you?

Kagy: It's ironic, isn't it? No one listening to a radio hostess. I had to admit, I did like the idea. A lightless sky. So I warned Springhill as best I could. Typically, no one listened. Now we're out in the woods with it raining geese and ganders outside.

Darren: You mean cats and Dogs?

Tom: Avoid cliché, Darren. So, Babe. I know you you could of stopped this.

Vlad: No.

Tom: Yes she could. She's got major influince in Springhill, Mr...

Vlad: Vlad. No, tt's not in her nature.

Kagy: I'm right here, boys. But...yeah, Vlad's right. I really wanted to see a lightless sky.

David: What now? It's nearly three, Kagy.

Kagy: It's all those breaks we took. I wonder how much of this will get to Springhill?

Vlad: My own cabin is around here...I think.

Darren: You have your own Cabin?

Vlad: Of course. You don't think I lived for hundreds of years without a cabin, did you?

Darren: I thought that vampire thing was a joke!

Kagy: It is.

Nick: We hope.

Tom: Anyone remember the lack of power thing going on in town?

Vlad: I have my own generator.

Kagy: And a minivan.

David: Go ahead and wrap it up, Kagy.

Kagy: Er...Springhill. I do hope you're all okay. I love this crazy little town of ours. Hold tight. Power should be back on once they realize I was right. Um...Normal wrap up stuff, David?

David: Quickly, we're out of time

Kagy: Alright. Mina's Movie Club at the Cerulean Theatre, if it's still there. We're a production of K.N.O.T. College radio. My Producer is David Orger, this was my coven, Malkavian Darren, Dr. Nick, the Vlad-inator, Tom, my ex-husband, and I was your host, Kathryn Guilty. Thanks and apologies to the station director, Tom Wits, and everyone who can hear the sound of my voice. Keep listening for emergency information and to small time radio like us. Sweet Nightmares.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Episode Without Lights: Middle

[Forrest noises. A fire. Emergency radio. You know the drill]

Kagy: Are we okay over here?

David: Good as gold.

Kagy: Sorry about that, Springhill. No music tonight. Not much of anything tonight, from the looks of things. Vlad and Dr. Nick have just gone to check out something towards the lake. Darren, any last words?

Darren: Last words? What's that mean? Last words?

Kagy: Before the rage infested zombie crosses come to rape us to death. [David laughing in the background]

Darren: That's not funny.

Kagy: Yes it is.

David: The fire is nice, though.


David: Dead Air, Kagy. Say something.

Kagy: Sorry, got caught up in the fire. Ooo, here come's our local Doctor and Vampire. And they brought...Oh. My. God.

Nick: He was sneaking around the woods, spying on us.

Tom: Er...Hey, baby.

Kagy: Ladies and gentlemen, we are privy to an...interesting interview tonight. It's Tomas Guilty, live on the show.

Nick: Damn, Vlad, I don't think I've seen you move that fast.

Vlad: Prey you don't ever again.

Nick: Ooo, Spooky.

Tom: So...What's up?

Kagy: Why are YOU here, Tom?

Tom: When Kathy Guilty says the lights are gonna go out, Tom Guilty listens. I figured I'd catch you hear...alone.

Kagy: Alone? Are you Mad? With the lights out? It's panic out there! No, I got my boys with me. Oh, Darren, you haven't met him, yet. This is...sorry, was my husband.

Darren: Everybody knows about Tom.

Nick: Every Tom, Dick, and Harry.

Darren: Pull up a log, dude.

Tom: Thanks.

Vlad: How did you get out here?

Tom: The Mave went dark around ten. We all thought it would happen, but we weren't really ready for it to actually happen.

Nick: You knew, too?

Tom: It's all Kagy has talked about for the last week. You don't think I play just ANY music as the Mave, do you? The patrens are mostly college students that miss being goth or poet-heads.

Darren: Sorry, what's the Mave?

Tom: Coffee shop and the closest thing to a club around Springhill. We got plenty of bars. Only one all night coffee shop. Anyway, Some girl named Pauline started passing out flashlights and I got out our candles. After a while, we all decided to leave early. I shut down the Mave and ran for Black Well.

Kagy: How'de you know we would be here. Right here, exactly.

Tom: Come on, Babe. It's Cabin 13 at the End Trail.

Vlad: She lead us here on purpose. Of course.

Kagy: I swear, I didn't know this place was here. I was directing at random.

Vlad: You were not. But I have no idea why you would want to be here. This place closed down after the Jack Splatter events of 2004.

Tom: It' obvious, Mr...uh...

Vlad: Vlad.

Tom: You're not talking to an amateur. This is Kathy Guilty. She loves being in the middle of all the crazy in Springhill. Probably set up the power outage, too.

Kagy: If I said I didn't, would you believe me?

Tom: No.

Vlad: Yes.

Darren: Maybe.

Tom: What? Oh, come on. Of course she set it up. It's what she does. The town maybe full of crazy people, but don't think Kathy is any voice of reason in the middle of the night.

Vlad: You were married? Then you know she would never do anything that were put her in legal trouble. She fears jail more than she loves chaos.

Kagy: [ahem] I'm right here, boys.

Nick: Quiet. We're talking about you, not to you.

Kagy: Hey.

Darren: Nah, she didn't cause this. How would she?

David: Oh no.

Kagy: What's up, David?

David: Rain. I just felt the first drops. I gotta get this equipment inside.

[sound cuts out]

Friday, May 14, 2010

The Episode Without Lights: Begining

[I'm not very sure what all happened while I was away, but I've decided to split this into three parts, oddly separated by David's cuts in the show. Each part will be posted today, Saturday, and Sunday, respectively.]

[Sounds of crackling flames along with crickets. In the background one can hear David emergency radio talking about the incoming storm.]

Kagy: [whispering] There are no lights, Springhill. It's an overcast, starless, moonless night without power. [Not whispering] David, how far out are we?

David: [in the background] Pretty far. Twenty miles?

Kagy: Springhill, if you can hear this, congratulations, you're still alive. It's two in the morning, and I'm betting your panicing right now. David and I are camped out at lake Black Well beaming this transmission to K.N.O.T. Hopefully, with it's emergency power, we' are still broadcasting. Honestly, I don't really know if you can hear me. Where there once was a glow over the trees in the direction of Springhill, there is nothing. No stars, no moon, to city shine. I'm hear with my coven and we're all gather around a fire. Everyone Introduce yourself.

Darren: I...Uh...where do I...?

David: Just talk in the mic. Improvise.

Darren: I'm Darren.

Kagy: My Malkavian Darren. Dr. Nick?

Nick: Hello everybody, I'm Dr. Nick.

Vlad: Vlad.

Kagy: And I'm Kagy, of course. We are all sitting around a fire in the woods at Camp End Trail. Is that Cabin 13?

Vlad: Yes. I think that's where one of the Jack Splatter murder's took place.

Kagy: Always morbid, us. Darren, you wanna explain what just happened to us?


Kagy: Come on. You've been on the show before.

Darren: Make Dr. Nick do it. Dave, can we get on the net with that thing?

David: Not happening. I'm not even sure this signal is getting to the station.

Nick: I'll tell 'em. Springhill, if your out there, the entire city has lost power. All power, all at once. We barely made itthrough the trafic. Man, did you guys see all the cars leaving Springhill on 55? It's like the end of the world out there!

Kagy: And?

Nick: Not much to tell, really. Kagy got us all together at the station. She convinced that one guy...

Vlad: That was Tom Wits. The station director.

Nick: Yeah. She convinced him to do a remote show at lake Black Well. So we all jumped into Vlad's minivan. Seriously, people. Vlad, Master of the night has a minivan. And...uh...We all came out here.

Vlad: On the way out of Springhill, that's when the lights shut off. Not just the buildings, of course, somehow the traffic lights as well. It was Ten-o-seven. I remember.

Kagy: I don't hate being right.

Vlad: Yes. How DID you know this would happen?

Kagy: I'll get to that later. David, how much time can we record on your laptop?

David: Until your friend's car battery runs out.

Darren: I'm an idiot. I should'a grabbed my laptop.

Nick: Why didn't you?

Darren: I thought Kagy was full of it. Uh...By the way, Kagy, I don't think I've ever seen you like that?

Kagy: Like what?

Vlad: You are dressed to hike.

Kagy: I have other clothes than just my clubbing clothes. I even have an apron stashed somewhere.

Nick: Shhh... [pause] Did you guys hear that?

Kagy: Hear what? I can't hear a thing over these crickets.

Nick: Sshhhhhh...

[long pause]

Vlad: I think I heard it too.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

What's the Plan?

[Segments starts with Dead Man's Party, by Oingo Boingo]

Kagy: Alrighty, Almighty. We're coming upon the end times, for starting tonight we experience a lightless sky. When Springhill turns black, what are you gonna do? Caller Thirty-Nine, how about you?

Caller 39: Kagy, It's late, but I just wanted to tell you and Springhill to stop underestimating us high-schoolers. We're not dumb teenagers. We're not mindlessly going to do what we're told. We're responsible human beings with a will of our own.

Kagy: Ah, 'responsibility.' Truly, yous is the voice of a generation.

Caller 39: Yeah! I know. I do well enough in school, so what are ya' complaining about?!! I'm NOT wasting my life!

Kagy: Let's see, it's almost three in the morning, Thirty-Nine. Why are you up?

Caller 39: Oh...Yeah, I'm fighting for the horde tonight and I got caught up.

Kagy: How long have you been playing World of War-crack this morning?

Caller 39: Uh...about...since I got out of school. [click]

Kagy: Voice of a generation? Caller Forty. [whisper] Ooo, we made it to Forty. [not so whisper] What are your plans later tonight?

Caller 40: Hello, Kathryn.

Kagy: Hey, everybody! It's Vlad! Springhill's one and only vampire. What's up, Vlad-inator.

Vlad: I told you not to call me that. I was wondering, Kathryn, what are YOU planning tonight.

Kagy: Me? I'm not going to be in Springhill, certainly. I'll be at lake Black Well watching the city burn at a distance. I hope I can see the fire's glow over the trees. Too many trees around Springhill.

Vlad: M'yes. The bigger question is, what do you expect to happen tonight, little dove?

Kagy: Tonight's the 13th, and the moon will ju-u-ust about be a new moon. Until sunrise, all lights in the town will be shut out and we will experience a Lightless Sky.

Vlad: You're so sure of that.

Kagy: Have you even known me to exaggerate?

Vlad: Exaggerate? No. Lie? Yes.

Kagy: Ha! Watch the night, Lord Vlad-inator, and you will see. Being a vampire, you'll likely be the only one who CAN see.

Vlad: And afterwards, I would wager the Springhill Police force may have words with you.

Kagy: I will burn the bridge after I cross it. [click] Caller Forty-One, What are your plans tonight?

Caller 41: Oh my God, Kagy, have I got the best thing for you and your listeners. It's so simple you'll be scratching your head for days wondering why you've never done it before. It's a simple program that anyone can do called Cash-Gifting.

Kagy: Uh-huh. Cash gifting. Isn't that an online pyramid scheme, Forty-one?

Caller 41: No, absolutely not, Kagy. It's just a simple method of making money. It works like this. All you need to do is take one-hundred dollars, then put it into an envelope, hide that in a magazine, then send the magazine in a package to me. At the same time, you'll be asking the same thing of your friends who, in turn will do the exact same thing.

Kagy: So...You want people to send you money and then have other people send THEM money...for nothing?

Caller 41: It's not a scam, Kagy.

Kagy: I don't remember saying that.

Caller 41: It's a gift. And I believe there is enough human kindness in the world for everyone to win this way.

Kagy: Well, considering you'd be at the top, I can't imagine this as a pyramid scheme. Thanks for showing me the way, Forty-One.

Caller 41: Just send your money to P.O. Box- [click]

Kagy: Forty-Two. Last words before the last show?

Caller 42: In a debate between a man and a woman, is the man ever right, Kagy?

Kagy: Only when she's dead. [click] That's it for me tonight, dear listeners. Assuming the town survives that next couple of nights, I'll be at the remains of the Cerulean Theatre with Mina's Movie Club where all films are all vampire movies. This week's movie will be the Dracula, the original Bela Lugosi film. We are a production of K.N.O.T. College radio in Springhill Oklahoma. In the Red is produced with fear by David Orger and hosted by myself, Kathryn Guilty. K-G. Kagy, get it? Stop calling about that. Kind thank-yous to our fearless director who doesn't believe me about the lightless sky, Tom Wits, and thank yous, of course, to everyone who called in, even you. Special thanks also to each child who listened to this or any other small time radio. Goodnight, princes and princesses, and have very sweet nightmares.

[End with Isolated, by Chiasm]

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Episode with Benjamin's Shrine

[Segment starts with Perfect Tan, by Machines of Loving Grace]

Kagy: Hey, welcome back. We were engaged in a little test, Springhill. I want to see if you're even paying attention to my questions, so I ask you: Springhill, What time is it? Caller Twenty-Five, What time is it?

Caller 25: When are we as American's going to realize that there isn't such a thing as racial profiling. It's not political correctness when every terrorist is ACTUAL a Muslim! I hate this PC crap.

Kagy: Wow. Poe's Law in action. Before I hang up on you, Twenty-Five, are the Gay's unnatural? I'm testing a theory.

Caller 25: 'Course they are! [click]

Kagy: Ladies and Gentlemen, Poe's Law states that without a show of humor, it's impossible to tell the difference between parody and fundamentalism. Fortunately that statement has enough multisyllabic words so I'm exempt from backlash from the listeners of whom it applies. Caller Twenty-Six, what time is it?

Caller 26: It's Two-Fifteen and a girl I once knew has fallen under the curse of Benjamin Franklin.

Kagy: Alri-i-i-ight.

Caller 26: She was only twenty-two and we scoffed at a shine you could only find by turning this blue screw two quarters to the left before the secret doors would open. Inside we found all manner of tributes from book about the Free Masons to scented candles. I even found a DVD set of Akira Kurosawa's 1954 classic, Seven Samurai. We knew it was an earnest shrine, as if a man wished to show the strangeness and wonder of the modern world to a country's founder.

Kagy: What happened.

Caller 26: We were cocky; especially her. We sang and drank that night until the glass around us broke. It wasn't a tribute, but a cynical terror. We were bullies, the two us, and while intoxicated she formed herself in sacred shapes as a blasphemy to the church of genuine worship. Neither of us are certain how the curse came about. Perhaps some trap left by the shrine's creator. An ancient Egyptian trick of some sort. No matter the method, we both began to go mad. After leaving, there was word about a boy or girl who killed themselves floating in the air. No one told us, we just knew. She began to rave that it was her fault, but I remained vigilant to reality asking for further proof of the boy or girl's original existence. As I drove her home, it was apparent to me we were both losing our minds. We would share illusions of grotesqueness in the shadows. The corner of our vision filled with severed body parts and maggots. The electric lines became something sinister with no indication. I would constantly remind her that there was no screaming head caught on the windshield to witch she would always ask, 'if it's not real, how do you not also see it?' [pause]

Kagy: You still there.

Caller 26: Sorry. I...I just miss her. She is still alive, but succumbed to our rotted imagination. Despite the damage to my faculties, I still remain resolute. Reality is my God, and I, it's humble servant. You see, it takes care of me. She was always too confident to bow down to anything greater than herself, certain that she was in control of herself at all times. That's the real tragedy. If the visions remain, it only because she's certain it what she wants to see. I tell you this as a warning, Ms. Kagy. If in your travels of Springhill in the night you should come across an old brick building and find a shrine of any sort, please. Pay it respect measured by the care that went into it's creation. [he hung up]

Kagy: Wow. That's quite some story. Uh...David is signaling that we need to cut to commercial. I'll talk to you in a bit.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Who's Against the Wall When the Revolution Comes?

Kagy: My friends. You and I are interested in the future, for that is where we will spend the rest of our lives. Yes, future events such as these will effect you in the future. Can you withstand the unimaginable horror of In the Red with me, Kagy? Springhill, how have you been? This week, we will experience a lightless sky. Are you ready? Am I? Call me and talk to me before the world ends. Tonight's question is: Who do you want to see against the wall when the revelution comes? Let that soak in while I play you a tune.

[plays Birthday, by the Cruxshadows]

Kagy: Alright, caller one, you are on. Who do you want against the wall when the revolution comes?

Caller 1: Advertisers. Bunch of lying basters if you ask me! Like telephone services. AT&T says they cover 97% of all Americans! That's impossible. What about the one's without phones?

Kagy: I don't think that's what they mean.

Caller 1: What about the one's on military bases, or vacationing in the jungle somewhere?

Kagy: I think they mean everyone who uses cell phones.

Caller 1: Awe no. That is NOT what they say. They say very CLEARLY “97% of ALL Americans.”

Kagy: I hate to ask, but, what cell phone company are you using?

Caller 1: I don't use cell phones! Those things'll give you cancer! In the head!

Kagy: So you talking on a LAN Line?

Caller 1: What? No! I'm using a 1950's rotary phone, like every American should.

Kagy: Apparently only 3% do. [click] Caller Two, When the revolution comes, who would you screw?

Caller 2: Hey, Kagy. I finished building this nifty little device!

Kagy: And this has to do with our topic because...?

Caller 2: It's a device that you just add sand and water to. Works quietly and effectively! You'll love it. You can use it around the house or in the basement or in your car!

Kagy: [pause] So?

Caller 2: So what?

Kagy: So what does it do?

Caller 2: What do you mean? It freezes sand.

Kagy: It freezes sand.

Caller 2: It's specifically designed to freeze sand. Yeah.

Kagy: Okay, you have my attention. Please enlighten me and my audience as to the countless uses for frozen sand.

Caller 2: Well, you could...uh... You could... I mean... Did I mention the car adapter.

Kagy: Fabulous. [click] Caller Three, What do you think of Frozen Sand?

Caller 3: It beats bears. I mean the animal, not the sport.

Kagy: I suppose so. So who do you want against the wall when the revolution comes?

Caller 3: You mean the political, not the dance? I guess I'd want Keith Oberman. The news-guy, not the dog.

Kagy: There's a Dog names Keith Oberman?

Caller 3: Well, Keith Doberman. He lives just round the block. The Dog, not the news guy. And, oh, I mean city block, not the wooden ones. And I mean My block, not your- [click]

Kagy: Caller Four, whom I adore. Why do you call me for?

Caller 4: I was pondering, as I listened to your beautiful voice, the condensation of morning dew upon the petals of a rose.

Kagy: Awe, that's actually...sweet, Four. How dost thou compare me to this morning dew?

Caller 4: Dew? DEW A BARRLE ROLL! [click]

Kagy: Pht. Ya' got me. Caller Five, you have arrived.

Caller 5: Springhill! Do NOT wear your bike helmets!

Kagy: What? Why not?

Caller 5: They're dangerous! I'm serious. My friend was riding his bike with that helmet on and BAM, hit by a truck.

Kagy: Alright. How was the helmet to blame?

Caller 5: I don't know, but two year ago, my sister was wearing a helmet when she hit an ice patch on her motorcycle. Crippled her.

Kagy: I'm not sure where you're leading with this.

Caller 5: Okay, like, this guy on Cops was wearing a helmet when BAM! Shot to death.

Kagy: I'm sure that's not true.

Caller 5: I don't know what the connection is, yet, but everyone I know who wears helmets get seriously hurt. Those things are damage magnets, man! Avoid Helmets at ALL costs!

Kagy: Alright, that's enough of that.

Caller 5: Fight the helmets! [click]

Kagy: I think it's time for a break, people, but we'll be right back with helmets, barrels, and frozen sand after this.

[roll commercials]

Monday, May 10, 2010

What Would You Do With Two Hours to Live?

[Segments starts with I Use My Powers for Evil, by Lesbian Bed Death]

Kagy: Would you believe that even I, Queen Kagy, am getting tired? It's true! Even the tireless night's queen get's...uh... So let's wrap this show up. Caller Thirty -Four, What would you do if you have two hours to live?

Caller 34: Are you Emo?

Kagy: I...hmmm... That depresses me just enough to cut myself at night.

Caller 34: No, I mean it. I mean, you're all sad and stuff. Cheer up, Emo Duck.

Kagy: Ri-i-ight. What makes you think I'm emo, Thrity-Four?

Caller 34: You dress in all black. You play all depressing songs and stuff. You got this weird bondage thing going on.

Kagy: A: I rarely wear all black anymore. Not since I shocked my hair white. B: Morbid songs, sure; not depressing. C: I wear what I like to see myself in, but that doesn't make me “into bondage and stuff.” And C: Nothing you've described is Emo. If anything, that sounds. [whispers] dare I say it, Springhill? Goth?

Caller 34: Well, what's the difference?

Kagy: Same difference between crying in your pillow and sarcastic snark. Next! [click] Thirty-Five. You have two hours to live. What do you do?

Caller 35: Well, I've thought about this long and hard and I would...

Kagy: Yes?

Caller 35: Do a Barrle Roll! [click]

Kagy: Seriously? Hello, Thirty-Six. This show can you fix?

Caller 36: Hey, Kagy, can I plug something?

Kagy: I don't know, caller. Last guy who advertised was a maniacal sadist dwarf.

Caller 36: Oh, I'm not selling myself like the last guy.

Kagy: Well...Okay. Plug away, Thirty-Six.

Caller 36: Hey, ladies and gentlemen out there, are you sick of the same old boring no-tell-hotel for your weekend getaways. Well here at 13-Doors Hotel, we have the finest is multi-dimensional accommodations. Each room has it's own link to omni-present horrors and gateways to Tartarus for you and the women folk for the relaxing get aways or incestuous trysts! Here at 13-Doors, we don't judge! Heck, we don't even know who you are, since all check-ins are required to where a black bag over their head. Yes, 13-Doors Hotel, where our modo is Lleh Ni Kcoc Skcus Rehtom Ruoy. [Click]

Kagy: Thanks you, Thirty Six, that wasn't creepy or maniacal at all. Thrity-Seven Would YOU like to go to a hotel with multi-dimensional horror in every room?

Caller 37: Would I?

Kagy: Wait a second, You're the Same guy?!!

Caller 37: I think you underestimate the power of these CRAZY PRICES! Kagy, we're not just talking about a unholy hell-mouth and resort, we're talking about a place you can gleefully accomplish decedent sin in complete anonymity, as long as you don't mind the unknowable nightmares within the walls. [click]

Kagy: What? How. Okay, that was weird. Caller Thirty-Eight, How are-

Caller 38: You can hang up on me, Kagy, but not on this fantastic deal! [click]

Kagy: Three Lines! Three consecutive Lines! Ugh, I'm too tired for this. We're calling it a night. Before we go, you should remember that every Saturday at the Cerulean Theatre, we have Mina's Movie Club. All Vampire movies for only a buck a fright. I'll be there, of course. This upcoming movie is the original Dracula, with Bela Lugosi. Lovely. You've been listening to In the Red, a production of K.N.O.T. College Radio in Springhill, Oklahoma. It was produced unwillingly by David Orger and I'm your host, Kathryn Guilty. Our appreciation toward the station director, Tom Wits, and everyone who called in, even that creepy jerk earlier. Three Lines, David! He got in on Three Lines! Well, thank you for listening to to K.N.O.T. As well as any small time radio. Have very sweet nightmares, Springhill. I know I will.

[Segments ends with No One Lives Forever, by Oingo Boingo]

Friday, May 7, 2010

Where Are You?

Kagy: Tick Tock. Tick Tock. It's two-o-clock here on In the Red. You know what that means. Let's change the pace a little bit. I ask you, Springhill, Where are you under the night right now? Let that sink in while I play you a little ditty.

[Plays Rake It In, by Imogen Heap]

Kagy: Alrighty, caller Eighteen, where are you?

Caller 18: It's late. I'm sitting here in my squad car with a snort of liquid courage, trying to remember the good times when my partner was still alive.

Kagy: Oh my. Did we lose one of Springhill's finest, officer?

Caller 18: A good one fell today, Kagy. Someone we all should feel the loss of.

Kagy: I'm sorry. What...What was their name?

Caller 18: Muffin.

Kagy: Officer Muffin. Um...

Caller 18: He was only one year old.

Kagy: Are you putting me on?

Caller 18: Death is no joke, Kagy. No matter what you goths think. Just think. He was two years from retirement. Sad. So Sad. Best officer hamster I've ever known.

Kagy: Don't hamsters live to be, like 2 years anyway? I'm just saying.

Caller 18: Don't give me that! Muffin was a good cop! Next time we need to do a full cavity search, who's gonna be the one to reach into the suspect?

Kagy: I'm...gonna have to cut you off.

Caller 18: You'll be sorry. You all will. With Muffin gone, what's life worth living? [click]

Kagy: What indeed. Nineteen, please, oh please don't be crazy.

Caller 19: [Car Dealership voice, again. I should'a guessed who it was] I'm not.

Kagy: Oh good. Where you at, broth'a?

Caller 19: I'm deep in the sub basement of some evil masterminds house. Classified, you understand. Hey, Kagy, I wanted to thank you for letting me plug my resume.

Kagy: Hmmm...You're not the dwarf from Tuesday morning, are you?

Caller 19: I am. Before, I was a down on his luck sadistic second bannana, but now, thanks to your show, I'm working for the cruelest man ever to call himself a rebuplican. Of course, I can't reviel who or, you know. I'd have to...

Kagy: Kill me?

Caller 19: Don't mind if I do. [click]

Kagy: There is such things as happy endings, I guess. Twenty of plenty, where are you out under the night's thousand eyes.

Caller 20: I'm sitting in my house with a stalk of broccoli around my neck.

Kagy: Ha! I'd hoped to hear from you, Twenty. How did it go?

Caller 20: No one noticed. The most I got was three out of seven of my bosses shuddered when I was looking at their chin.

Kagy: Oh, they noticed. This is a game of seeing how much you can get away with. Did you get the weekend off, at least?

Caller 20: We'll see. My wife thinks I'm crazy. She says I must've snapped and she's calling her mother about it. It''s just...

Kagy: Fantastic?

Caller 20: Yeah.

Kagy: Heh. Never let it be said that the world would do better off without crazy, Twenty. Stay on the line. David is going to give you the number and address for Mina's Movie Club. I wanna see you there, okay? [click] David, you got him? Alright, Twenty-one, are you having fun?

Caller 21: No. Do you realize how much damage you're doing to my son?

Kagy: Sorry miss, what?

Caller 21: With your morally damaging music and you're free for all attitude with your show.

Kagy: Uh-huh. How old is your son, Ma'am?

Caller 21: What does that matter?

Kagy: It's ten after two, Ma'am. What are they...No, what are YOU doing up?

Caller 21: Listen, it's you kind that is deteriorating the moral fiber of our community.

Kagy: How old?

Caller 21: 37! What does THAT have to do with it?

Kagy: Heh. [click] Caller Twenty-Two, last call before we take a break. Where are you?

Caller 22: Still in this sub-basement.

Kagy: Ah. More to say?

Caller 22: Just wanted you to know that I know where you're station is, Kagy.

Kagy: Some one leaked that info to Google again, didn't they? Well, luckily our attack rats guard the entrance. Mwa Ha Ha!

Caller 22: Oh, not Rats. I don't like rats.

Kagy: How do you feel about hamster?

Caller 22: They're the worse! I fear them, ever since the master...did things to me...[click]

Kagy: Officer Muffin, we miss you. Let's all take a moment of silence as I roll a few messages.

[roll a few messages]

Thursday, May 6, 2010

How Will You Survive a Lightless Sky?

Kagy: Hello, Springhill. My nifty cell phone tells me the moon is at 49% full. We are being swallowed into the blackest night's sky. You need to be ready out there, Springhill. Allow me to help. You're listening to In the Red with me, Kagy. Tonight's question; How will you survive a lightless sky? Ponder that while I play a little Real Life.

[plays Send Me an Angel, by Real Life]

Kagy: I've never seen the lines so full. Let's see. You. Caller One, what have you done?

Caller 1: Hello, Kagy.

Kagy: Hello, One. How will you survive when all the lights go out?

Caller 1: I...don't even know what that means.

Kagy: On the 13th and 14th of May, the lights will blink out under a new moon. Don't ask me how I know, but I do want to know what you'll do when it happens?

Caller 1: Oh, I don't know. I'll probably grab a beer and get drunk. Wait, isn't that a work night? Crap, I don't know.

Kagy: Call me when you do, sweety. [click] Number Two, what will YOU do?

Caller 2: Nothing. My life's already a mess.

Kagy: Poor boy. Tell Grand Mistress Kagy all about it.

Caller 2: I...Huh? Oh, it's a rut, Kagy. I'm in a horrible rut. Do you know what my life is like?

Kagy: A twisted reflection of society's misgivings about human freedom and happyness is a world run by the unfeeling corporate machine?

Caller 2: No. Well, yeah, but no. I live in Groundhog Day.

Kagy: Please tell me you're talking about the movie.

Caller 2: I'm talking about the movie. I don't get days off, Kagy. Every morning I wake up at 7:00 and hit the alarm. I get dresses, turn off my TV in the living room, kiss my wife, sit in traffic behind the same car, pass by a tree with a single leaf on it, click in, my boss tells me I'm late, I sit at a cubical and I work on the same thing every week.

Kagy: Oooo. [whispering] Are you going to snap, Number Two?

Caller 2: Thought about it. I got the gun right here. The Mrs. is asleep.

Kagy: Well, put that down. Here's an answer to your problems. I want you to struggle through the next couple of days, but this time I want you to wear a stalk of Broccoli around your neck like a pendant.

Caller 2: Uh...

Kagy: I know it sounds crazy, and it is. Any time someone points it out, act like it's not there and they're crazy. If you want to have fun with them, talk to them staring at their chin. Works wonders. Finally, take the week end off, Two. What ever you're working on, it's not worth your weekend. Call me back Friday morning and tell me how that goes. [silence] Caller Two? Are you going to do it?

Caller 2: Sure. What else have I got to lose?

Kagy: Good luck. [click] Caller Three, so what will be be? How will you survive a lightless sky?

Caller 3: with BEEEEERRRR!!!

Kagy: Oh yeah. Cinco De Mayo. Three, are you drunk?

Caller 3: Yeah, man! WOOOO!!!

Kagy: Do you know what Cinco De Mayo celebrates? Or why you're so drunk?

Caller 3: Isn't it...uh...Mexican independence, or something?

Kagy: You're celebrating the Mexican victory of the Battle of Puebla, not Mexican Independence. They have a separate day for that. Talk to a Mexican, Three. They're all over Springhill.

Caller 3: Oh.

Kagy: [sigh] Actually, you're just using it as an excuse to get drunk. Drink one for me, Three. [click] I shouldn't talk. I have my ever present wine, here, but at least I know why I'm drinking. Four, just one more. How will you survive a Lightless-

Caller 4: Hey, baby. It's Tom.

Kagy: Oh God. Er...Tom, are you drunk?

Tom: Yeah, but only a little.

Kagy: Wow, things must be pretty bleak there at the Mave.

Tom: It's not. I just still love you, baby.

Kagy: Woof. I don't know if I'm nearly drunk enough for you tonight, Tom.

Tom: Still think about you. You know I listen in every night when I'm at the Mave. The guys here...are just awesome.

Kagy: Yeah. Well, that's all the time I got, Tom. [click] Time for a commercial. Where the hell is that wine? Dave, would you start screening--

[Roll commercials]

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Should Auto-Canibalism Be Illeagal?

[Segment starts with Blue, by Birthday Massacre]

Kagy: As with every morning, the sun will eventually rise, and yes, even you're painfully beautiful host must sleep. Before that, let's finish off the night with what few callers are left. Caller Thirty-Six, staying with the mix. Should Auto-cannibalism be illegal in Oklahoma?

Caller 36: Yes. No wait, No. Uh...Kinda?

Kagy: You don't sound sure, Thirty-Six.

Caller 36: What's auto-cannibalism again? [click]

Kagy: Thirty-Seven, What IS Auto-cannibalism?

Caller 37: A better question is weather we should be allowed to marry animals.

Kagy: No.

Caller 37: Well, that's your opinion, but some of-

Kagy: I mean, no it's not a better question.

Caller 37: Listen, me and Barbra are in Love! Can you understand that?

Kagy: I'm going to regret asking, but who is Barbra?

Caller 37: My cat. The most beautiful cat in the world.

Kagy: You...Uh...[click] Wow. Thirty-Eight, it's getting late. What do you have to say?

Caller 38: Hello, Kagy. It's me.

Kagy: You! [whisper] Who ARE you?

Caller 38: The dude at the power plant. I was just sit'n here, listening to your pretty voice again.

Kagy: Oh no.

Caller 38: Thinking about us maybe on a beach somewhere. The sound of the ocean drowning out civilization around us. The Sand would be warm to the touch as the cool waves brush across our toes.

Kagy: Well, at least it's not a console.

Caller 38: The warm breeze in your white hair. ME in a set of sunglasses and swim trunks, you in just the sunglasses. [click]

Kagy: I can't get RID of this guy.

David: [you can barely hear him since he didn't have a mic. If you listened to the show, this is what he was saying] I like him.

Kagy: What?

David: He brings drama to the show.

Kagy: You gotta be Kidding! David, my producer is here. Can't we screen for him or something?

David: You said not to screen calls.

Kagy: [Growls] Caller Thirty-Nine, any last words before I wrap up the show?

Caller 39: Okay, Ma'am. This is going to sound weird, but I'm trapped on a desert island and my radio can only pick up your stations.

Kagy: We gotta go soon, Thrity-Nine. Any last words.

Caller 39: No, really. I need you to send help. I've worked out the co-ordinates and they're lat-[click]

Kagy: No time. Well, that wraps it up for tonight, fair listeners. Join me tomorrow morning as every week morning, while I drown in callers and music. Remember, I also show up at the Cerulean Theatre on campus on Saturday nights for Mina's Movie Club. This week's movie is going to be Perfect Creature. In the Red is a production of K.N.O.T. College Radio. It is produced, with honors, by my friend David Orger, and I'm your host, Kathryn Guilty. Thanks go to our station director, Tom Wits, and everyone, absolutely everyone, who called in. Finally thanks to everyone who listens to K.N.O.T. and/or small time radio of any kind. Good night, children and have yourself sweet nightmares.

[Ends with the Horror of our Love, by Ludo]

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

In Patience a Vitue?

Kagy: The new moon is coming. A black dot in the sky of black. Gorgeous. When the moon wanes, I like to wax philosophical, so at this mid point of the show I ask you, Springhill; Is Patience a virtue? I'll let you tell me in a second...or just vent your mind, but first, this.

[Plays Fall No More, by Bella Morte]

Kagy: Caller Twenty-Two, you are on and, is patience a virtue?

Caller 22: No.

Kagy: Wow, someone stayed on topic. Why not, Twenty-Two?

Caller 22: I don't have time to explain. [click]

Kagy: So much for conversation. Twenty-Three, how about thee?

Caller 23: Hey, Kagy, it's me again.

Kagy: [Whisper] Oh, no! Not you! [not whispering] Wait. Who are you, again?

Caller 23: Oh, sorry. I'm the census guy from last week?

Kagy: The survivor. Yes. Any psychopathic encounters, Twenty-Three?

Caller 23: God, I wish. At least it's not awkward running from freaks. No, I got another grief. Today I was talking to a fellow, we'll call him X, cuz the U.S. Government doesn't like people knowing their names, and he was arguing that gays don't count when taking a census.

Kagy: [bursts out laughing]

Caller 23: Listen, people. It's a Census. We're trying to figure out how many of what kind of people there are in the U.S. And YES, fucking gays count. My God.

Kagy: The more you know. [plays 'The More You Know' theme] And welcome to Springhill Oklahomophobic, Caller. [click] Twenty-Four, Patience. Is it a virtue?

Caller 24: Kagy, hey. I'm new in town and I figured I'd call to orient myself.


Caller 24: Uh...I don't know. Yes?

Kagy: Alright, Twenty-Four, where are you from?

Caller 24: Oh, I just moved up from Varkmore down south? Along I-35? You know?

Kagy: Thankfully not. But what's your question?

Caller 24: Oh. Okay, you seem to be in the know around here. I live around the edge of Campus and wondered if there's anything I should know. Cuz, you know. New town and all that.

Kagy: It's not a problem. Just remember the following: Stay off the bike paths or you will be run over. Always tell the Clock-Lady it's twelve past ten AM. You'll know her when she talks to you. Never try to argue with Crazy Bob. And the Rawhide Roll-Players meet every Friday night at the Student Center. Trust me, you'll need to meet them, even if you don't R.P.G. They're like the Sprinhill Mafia.

Caller 24: There always seems to be a Crazy Bob in these towns.

Kagy: Oh, we don't know his real name. A-a-and before I forget; do not, under any circumstances, juggle in front of the Student Library between three and five PM.

Caller 24: What? Why?

Kagy: Ooo. Just trust me on this. I admit it isn't likely to happen, but the last guy lost both his corneas.

Caller 24: Huh? [click]

Kagy: Twenty Five, we're still alive. Is Patience a Virtue?

Caller 25: [this guy's voice scares me because he sounds like a dealership commercial] Kagy, hi. Can I plug something here?

Kagy: By all means. Ignore the larger questions of life and philosophy to advertise. What would I know about talk shows?

Caller 25: K, thanks. Springhill, I'm a dwarf at 4 feet, 3 inches, but I have a keen knowledge of torture and interrogations and I have a maniacal laugh. My main skills are that of cranial manipulations and enough medical knowledge to keep a victim conscious for maximum infliction of pain until the final door closes. Though I am straight, I can work on either sexes. I'm currently seeking employment. I have served under the finest of criminal sadists and terrorists including Jeffery Gacy, the Hacksaw Killer, the Blood Sucking Freak, and many others. If you have a need for a man such as me, be it for legitimate purposes or not, I would love to serve under the right mastermind as long as the pay is good. I have a resume on, but the best way to contact me is by phone. My cell is area code XXX-XXX-XXXX.

Kagy: Wo-ow.

Caller 25: Thanks, Kagy. I'll see you soon. [click]

Kagy: So...While I'm calling the police, I'll just leave you with these messages.

[Roll commercials]

Monday, May 3, 2010

What Have I Got in My Pocket?

Kagy: Hello, Springhill. You're radio is now under Kagy control and you must listen to In the Red, with me, Kagy. My friend and producer, David, was kind enough to slip a bottle of Cru Beaujolais in the window before coming in the front door so I'm ready for the night, now. My wine glass has an eye of Horus on it. The secret word of the night is 'blue' and the questions I have for you is: What have I got in my pocket? As always, I'll be taking your calls, any and all, but before that, let's warm up with a little Blue Oyster Cult.

[plays Harvester of Eyes, by Blue Oyster Cult]

Kagy: Alright, caller one, let's start the fun. What have I got in my pocket?

Caller 1: Kagy, hi. Um...can you help me?

Kagy: Depends, One. What's your 'boggle?'

Caller 1: Oh, I have this iMac and I've been working on it all night, you know, surfing the net?

Kagy: You sound like Darren. What's wrong with it?

Caller 1: Well, I was in the middle of a net conference-

Kagy: Conference? This late at night.

Caller 1: Sure.

Kagy: One, I can't help you if you're not truthful.

Caller 1: [pause] All right, I'm on World of Warcraft. Anyway, I was in the middle of a horde raid when I got this blue screen of death. [click]

Kagy: This isn't Tech Support, and I'm not Darren. Caller Two, we'll get this through.

Caller 2: Is it an ankh.

Kagy: Why an Ankh?

Caller 2: You know. Cuz' of the Eye of Horus thing.

Kagy: Good guess, but no. [click] Now let's see. Three, what could it be?

Caller 3: [imagine the thickest okie accent you can. I couldn't spell most of what he said] Kagy, I wanna tell you about a major problem with this country.

Kagy: Oh no. [whisper] A politician.

Caller 3: It's gun control. This whole ruckus with guns causing crime to skyrocket. [sound of a dog barking in the background] When are you people going to understand that guns aren't evil, people? They're tools, like hammers or cars.

Kagy: Tools? Alright, Three, what do you use your gun for?

Caller 3: [Barking still going on] Lots of things! I shoot it, I...uh... Oh, I can use it as a hammer.

Kagy: Wouldn't it be cheaper to just buy a hammer?

Caller 3: [Still, with the barking] Yeah, well that's not all. I can drill holes in stuff I'm building! I can turn off my T.V. from across the room! I can SHUT THE FUCKING DOG UP!!! Uh...Yeah, where was I? [click]

Kagy: Creepy. Caller Four, do you have anything more?

Caller 4: Hi! Good I got in. Kagy I want to ask you a question. You're a goth, right?

Kagy: That would be a pretty arrogant claim, Four.

Caller 4: What's with your obsession with dog collars?

Kagy: Hmm?

Caller 4: I was at Hastings yesterday standing in line when I saw these two Halloween rejects, and one of them was wearing a dog collar with a bell on it. Why would someone do that? What is she, a dog? Do you goths act like dogs? Should we be painting our fire hydrants black for you people?

Kagy: Wait...Was she wearing a green bodice with a white dress and white hair?

Caller 4: How did you know? [click]

Kagy: That was me, you idiot. Curse this small town! Five, do you hate me?

Caller 5: What? No. I uh...Hey, can you play that one song again? The country remix of Gen and Juice that you played Thursday night? [click]

Kagy: I am Kagy. I don't do requests. Ugh. Six, you wanna get in this mix?

Caller 6: Kagy, Hi. Did that guy just say he got a Blue Screen of Death?

Kagy: Ah, it's Darren, of Malkavia. Yes, I think he did. I was honestly not paying-

Darren: That's impossible! He was using a Mac! They have completely different errors! What was this guy, and idiot?

Kagy: Oh boy. Darren, would you like me to get his number? So you two love birds can talk about computers?

Darren: I'm just saying. I bet the guy loves his USB cup holder. Jeez.

Kagy: Alright, I'm game. Caller One, if you're still listening, call back. I have a late night date for you. [click] In the mean time; Seven, any final words before I switch out to commercial?

Caller 7: Do a Barrel Roll! [click]

Kagy: Well at least I know I have one dedicated listener. Ugh. The director said I could do anything I want as long as I played these messages. Talk to you in a moment, Springhill.

[commercial time]