Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Episode Without Lights: Middle

[Forrest noises. A fire. Emergency radio. You know the drill]

Kagy: Are we okay over here?

David: Good as gold.

Kagy: Sorry about that, Springhill. No music tonight. Not much of anything tonight, from the looks of things. Vlad and Dr. Nick have just gone to check out something towards the lake. Darren, any last words?

Darren: Last words? What's that mean? Last words?

Kagy: Before the rage infested zombie crosses come to rape us to death. [David laughing in the background]

Darren: That's not funny.

Kagy: Yes it is.

David: The fire is nice, though.


David: Dead Air, Kagy. Say something.

Kagy: Sorry, got caught up in the fire. Ooo, here come's our local Doctor and Vampire. And they brought...Oh. My. God.

Nick: He was sneaking around the woods, spying on us.

Tom: Er...Hey, baby.

Kagy: Ladies and gentlemen, we are privy to an...interesting interview tonight. It's Tomas Guilty, live on the show.

Nick: Damn, Vlad, I don't think I've seen you move that fast.

Vlad: Prey you don't ever again.

Nick: Ooo, Spooky.

Tom: So...What's up?

Kagy: Why are YOU here, Tom?

Tom: When Kathy Guilty says the lights are gonna go out, Tom Guilty listens. I figured I'd catch you hear...alone.

Kagy: Alone? Are you Mad? With the lights out? It's panic out there! No, I got my boys with me. Oh, Darren, you haven't met him, yet. This is...sorry, was my husband.

Darren: Everybody knows about Tom.

Nick: Every Tom, Dick, and Harry.

Darren: Pull up a log, dude.

Tom: Thanks.

Vlad: How did you get out here?

Tom: The Mave went dark around ten. We all thought it would happen, but we weren't really ready for it to actually happen.

Nick: You knew, too?

Tom: It's all Kagy has talked about for the last week. You don't think I play just ANY music as the Mave, do you? The patrens are mostly college students that miss being goth or poet-heads.

Darren: Sorry, what's the Mave?

Tom: Coffee shop and the closest thing to a club around Springhill. We got plenty of bars. Only one all night coffee shop. Anyway, Some girl named Pauline started passing out flashlights and I got out our candles. After a while, we all decided to leave early. I shut down the Mave and ran for Black Well.

Kagy: How'de you know we would be here. Right here, exactly.

Tom: Come on, Babe. It's Cabin 13 at the End Trail.

Vlad: She lead us here on purpose. Of course.

Kagy: I swear, I didn't know this place was here. I was directing at random.

Vlad: You were not. But I have no idea why you would want to be here. This place closed down after the Jack Splatter events of 2004.

Tom: It' obvious, Mr...uh...

Vlad: Vlad.

Tom: You're not talking to an amateur. This is Kathy Guilty. She loves being in the middle of all the crazy in Springhill. Probably set up the power outage, too.

Kagy: If I said I didn't, would you believe me?

Tom: No.

Vlad: Yes.

Darren: Maybe.

Tom: What? Oh, come on. Of course she set it up. It's what she does. The town maybe full of crazy people, but don't think Kathy is any voice of reason in the middle of the night.

Vlad: You were married? Then you know she would never do anything that were put her in legal trouble. She fears jail more than she loves chaos.

Kagy: [ahem] I'm right here, boys.

Nick: Quiet. We're talking about you, not to you.

Kagy: Hey.

Darren: Nah, she didn't cause this. How would she?

David: Oh no.

Kagy: What's up, David?

David: Rain. I just felt the first drops. I gotta get this equipment inside.

[sound cuts out]

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