Monday, May 17, 2010

Steel Bar Blues

I'm in Jail. Yes, the Springhill Police Department didn't think it was as funny or interesting as I did. In the meantime, K.N.O.T. has replayed Friday's episode with us in the woods and plans on replaying some of my old shows from last year. On my side in the legal department is Tom Wits, who has quite a bit of pull and managed to get the university's lawyers on the case as well as my own lawyer, William Marx.

Across from the cell is Mr. Abraham Doddle, grinning like an idiot. The madman who accoplished this evil sceme passes his time with push-ups and ranting on how the autonomous 'They' got what they deserved. I punish him by reminding him he will never have any of the queen's mighty cooch again. Lovely.

I may be off the air for a short while until this all gets sorted out. One thing is for sure, my fan base has grown after last week. There are a gaggle of goths protesting my incarceration which is both endearing and hilarious at the same time. They don't do well in sunlight, and no one is watching at night. While waiting, I'm not sure what to do with my time. I may write a book or reread my Vampire: The Requiem rules again. Not sure what to do in a small town jail cell. Abraham, alas, has learned to play the harmonica. It's a painful sound. Also, I may become a racists if that black woman in the neighboring cell doesn't shut up. Time passes. Turns go by. I'm bored.

Last note for a while: If you're ever hungry and have no money, I highly recommend you get arrested in Springhill on Saturdays. Steve Sylvester, who runs Steve's Deadly Chili Bowl shows up every weekend with the Chili Surprise, which consists of Spaghetti with his famous chili on top. It's damn good, and makes sin very worth your while.

Wish me luck.

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