Friday, May 14, 2010

The Episode Without Lights: Begining

[I'm not very sure what all happened while I was away, but I've decided to split this into three parts, oddly separated by David's cuts in the show. Each part will be posted today, Saturday, and Sunday, respectively.]

[Sounds of crackling flames along with crickets. In the background one can hear David emergency radio talking about the incoming storm.]

Kagy: [whispering] There are no lights, Springhill. It's an overcast, starless, moonless night without power. [Not whispering] David, how far out are we?

David: [in the background] Pretty far. Twenty miles?

Kagy: Springhill, if you can hear this, congratulations, you're still alive. It's two in the morning, and I'm betting your panicing right now. David and I are camped out at lake Black Well beaming this transmission to K.N.O.T. Hopefully, with it's emergency power, we' are still broadcasting. Honestly, I don't really know if you can hear me. Where there once was a glow over the trees in the direction of Springhill, there is nothing. No stars, no moon, to city shine. I'm hear with my coven and we're all gather around a fire. Everyone Introduce yourself.

Darren: I...Uh...where do I...?

David: Just talk in the mic. Improvise.

Darren: I'm Darren.

Kagy: My Malkavian Darren. Dr. Nick?

Nick: Hello everybody, I'm Dr. Nick.

Vlad: Vlad.

Kagy: And I'm Kagy, of course. We are all sitting around a fire in the woods at Camp End Trail. Is that Cabin 13?

Vlad: Yes. I think that's where one of the Jack Splatter murder's took place.

Kagy: Always morbid, us. Darren, you wanna explain what just happened to us?


Kagy: Come on. You've been on the show before.

Darren: Make Dr. Nick do it. Dave, can we get on the net with that thing?

David: Not happening. I'm not even sure this signal is getting to the station.

Nick: I'll tell 'em. Springhill, if your out there, the entire city has lost power. All power, all at once. We barely made itthrough the trafic. Man, did you guys see all the cars leaving Springhill on 55? It's like the end of the world out there!

Kagy: And?

Nick: Not much to tell, really. Kagy got us all together at the station. She convinced that one guy...

Vlad: That was Tom Wits. The station director.

Nick: Yeah. She convinced him to do a remote show at lake Black Well. So we all jumped into Vlad's minivan. Seriously, people. Vlad, Master of the night has a minivan. And...uh...We all came out here.

Vlad: On the way out of Springhill, that's when the lights shut off. Not just the buildings, of course, somehow the traffic lights as well. It was Ten-o-seven. I remember.

Kagy: I don't hate being right.

Vlad: Yes. How DID you know this would happen?

Kagy: I'll get to that later. David, how much time can we record on your laptop?

David: Until your friend's car battery runs out.

Darren: I'm an idiot. I should'a grabbed my laptop.

Nick: Why didn't you?

Darren: I thought Kagy was full of it. Uh...By the way, Kagy, I don't think I've ever seen you like that?

Kagy: Like what?

Vlad: You are dressed to hike.

Kagy: I have other clothes than just my clubbing clothes. I even have an apron stashed somewhere.

Nick: Shhh... [pause] Did you guys hear that?

Kagy: Hear what? I can't hear a thing over these crickets.

Nick: Sshhhhhh...

[long pause]

Vlad: I think I heard it too.

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